Keeping 3,000 kids in school

The practice of suspending kids for being truant declined again due to the diligence of the BREAD Education Committee.

Tackling vacant houses

The Franklin County Land Bank has secured $11.7 million to continue addressing the problem of abandoned housing.

From the ER to Health Centers

Three outreach workers have been hired and are working with chronically ill individuals.

Restoring our youth

Restorative Justice Circles are scheduled to launch in early 2013 to keep low-risk juvenile offenders out of the system.

Jobs and help for small business

The BREAD Jobs Committee is hard at work in pushing for the development of small business incubators.



Thursday, January 10, 2013


Thousands gathered at Celeste Center on a raining evening on Monday, May 7, 2012, to call for and then celebrate commitments from:

Juvenile Court Judge Elizabeth Gill to lead a planning process to find funding and develop procedures for nine community restorative justice boards to divert at least four hundred children out from the Juvenile Court system;
Ohio Medicaid Director John McCarthy to support a plan to place community health workers at each of the nine community health center sites in Columbus.

These health workers will conduct intensive follow-up with 300 of our sickest medicaid patients in our community to make sure that the find a "medical home."

City Councilman Zack Klein to work with BREAD leaders to raise new capital for micro-loans and City Councilman Troy Miller agreed to work with BREAD to plan and implement a market study to plan for the development of four small business incubators.